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Silly Labrador Retriever Gets Stuck In Chair!


In the UK, a silly Labrador Retriever managed to get herself stuck in chair! Quite how she did it, nobody knows!

Sit took on a whole new meaning for this clumsy Lab!

Missy, a beautiful black Labrador Retriever, got the wrong end of the stick when she did a ‘sit’. The pooch ended up with her head firmly wedged inside a plastic chair.

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According to Mail Online, owner Chris Nolan was in “absolute creases” when he saw his silly dog! He said it took two bars of soap to free her from the chair.

Nolan says he had been calling the eight-month-old Labrador to come in from the garden and was perplexed when she failed to appear.

“I had to lift her out, still in the chair, and put her on the deck, we were in absolute creases, couldn’t believe it,” he said. “In the end it took a couple of bars of soap to get her out. I had to stand her on her back legs and feed each paw through the chair.”

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Despite all the effort it took to remove the dog from the chair, Nolan says Missy remained calm.

“But for all the bother she didn’t mind,” he said.

Nolan reveals that Missy is quite a clumsy pooch but had never done anything quite as a silly as this before.

Marcia Murray, Nolan’s mother who has been looking after Missy for her son, said the Labrador often gets herself in “unbelievably complicated situations.”