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Service Dogs Recognized At UW-Eau Claire


Service Dogs Honored With StatueService dogs don’t usually get public recognition but it was an entirely different day last Friday. All their hard work was recognized and honored with the unveiling of a new statue at the new Centennial Hall on UW-Eau Claire’s campus.

The dog statue is unveiled as recognition to all the work seeing eye and guide dogs have done for people in the area.

Dr. Katherine Schneider, UW-Eau Claire’s former senior psychologist, commissioned the remarkable dog sculpture.

She says it honors all of the work the dogs have done for her for the past 41-years.

“I’m proud of the people who went together with me to pay for this statue, part of it was a big 65th birthday present to myself, I’m proud of this community that’s been a great part of my life for the last 21 years,” says Dr. Schneider.

The life-size bronze sculpture of a yellow Labrador Retriever was designed and cast by the Randolph Rose Collection of Yonkers in New York.

Source: WEAU.com