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Senior Labrador Rescued After Swimming From East To West Bremerton!


A senior Labrador believed to have swum from East to West Bremerton in Washington is now in the care of the Kitsap Humane Society.

On June 27, Buttercup, a senior Labrador dog, apparently swam from East Bremerton to West Bremerton via the Port Washington Narrows.

Senior Labrador Rescued After Swimming From East To West Bremerton!

The Labrador, who is about 8 years old, was rescued by Animal Control and is currently at the Kitsap Humane Society awaiting bladder surgery.

Animal Control Officer Patrick Griffin-Hall picked up the dog in the Evergreen-Rotary Park boating area. The Lab was wearing a collar but had no tags. Griffin-Hall said the swim was impressive considering the dog’s age, but she was clearly tired when he picked her up.

“It’s kind of incredible that she could swim that far,” Griffin-Hall said.

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Animal Control learned of the Lab’s situation when they received a 911 call from a woman who was boating and saw the dog struggling in the water. Someone else at Evergreen Park reported seeing the dog in East Bremerton earlier that day –leading Humane Society officials to believe she had swam the width of the Narrows.

Karen Reid-Matthee, the Humane Society’s director of marketing and communications, said a person who saw Animal Control pick the black Labrador up at the park is interested in adopting her if her owner doesn’t come forward.

Buttercup will be available for adoption early next week, if no one comes forward and claim her.

Griffin-Hall said he was surprised no one has claimed her yet. Judging by her collar, someone may have been taking care of her. He also said that once they got the dog on land, she was tired from her swim, but still jumped into the Animal Control truck.

“I figured with a sweet dog like that, someone would have already claimed her,” Griffin-Hall said.


Image and article source: Kitsup Sun