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Senior Labrador Dog Travels Across North America In His Owner’s Sidecar


A senior Labrador dog has been traveling across North America riding his owner’s sidecar!

Mallory Danger Paige and her 10-year-old Labrador Retriever, Baylor, have been on a journey across the North American continent. She records their daily adventures in her blog The Operation Moto Dog.

Paige and Baylor’s amazing story has been published in several magazines and even has a print and eBook, Operation Moto Dog: The Alaska Chronicles.


They started their journey on June 15, 2015. On her motorcycle with her Labrador dog in the sidecar, Paige left her hometown Bend, Oregon to see every US state, Canadian province and Mexico.

The duo are headed to their first destination: Alaska. It’s a 6,000 mile journey from Bend! It is indeed an adventure and the two camp in wild places whenever they can – BLM or National Forest land. Paige says she stops every day for a couple hours to work on her computer.

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Paige and Baylor have met strangers along the way – strangers who eventually became good friends.They have seen the world in a way most people don’t. They have met every wildlife imaginable. With an adventure as big as theirs, they have also encountered a lot of problems but thankfully they found Good Samaritans in the most unlikely places.


Thirty miles from nowhere in Alaska, Paige’s bike, which she named Rufio, lost its oil drain plug and stopped running. Luckily, Mike Carpenter and John Thomas found the stranded pair and helped them out. The Good Samaritans helped the human-dog explorers and asked nothing in return. They got her bike fixed and then continued on their way.

Many people are afraid to follow their dreams and Paige has something to say about it.

“You needn’t be fearless or perfect to create a life you love,” she says.

Have a wonderful adventure Mallory and Baylor!