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Senior Hunting Dog Finds Missing Senior Labrador Stuck In The Mud


Senior Hunting Dog Finds Missing Senior Labrador Stuck In The MudA few weeks ago, the nearly 14-year-old chocolate Labrador went missing. His journey started when his owner, Judy Froehlich, let him out on the morning of Sept. 18.

“I go to call the dog and he doesn’t answer. He didn’t come which is very odd,” Froehlich said.

At that time, Judy had to leave for an out of town trip and told her husband, Frank, that Quik was missing and that he needed to look for him.

“Basically he was nowhere to be found. Then I heard a bark. I thought there’s my clue. He might be wandering around the neighborhood,” Frank Froehlich said.

Frank drove around for many hours searching for Quik. He would hear him bark from time to time but he couldn’t find the pooch. He evendrove to a village on the other side of his woods where he pulled into Alan Cardin’s driveway and asked for help.

“He said ‘Have you seen my dog? It’s a 14-year-old chocolate lab,'” Cardin recalled.  “And I said no. And he said, ‘We’ll he’s gone.'”

Cardin had a brilliant idea. He took his 14-year-old hunting dog, Macy–  an English Setter trained to retrieve hunted birds. Cardin brought Macy to the Froehlichs’ home and let her smell Quik’s bed.

Then, they went into the woods and finally found Quik stuck in mud up to his shoulders near the pond.

“You couldn’t tell where the mud stopped and the dog started,” Cardin said.

“I looked at Quik and I said, ‘We’re going to get you out today,'” he added.

The mud was extremely thick that it took Cardin and two men who mow the Froehlichs’ lawn two sweaty hours to free the Lab.

After the ordeal, Quik needed a nice-long bath and a peaceful, long nap.

We will never know what Quik encountered during his lone adventure but it no longer matters.

He now has a new friend!

The Froehlichs are very happy Macy and Alan Cardin were there when they needed help.

“It had a very happy ending,” Judy said.


Source: Local12