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Score These Black Friday Deals For Your Labradors!


Score These Black Friday Deals For Your LabradorsIt is Thanksgiving! Turkey, salads, pumpkin pies and a lot more are served on the dining table. What’s not to love on this holiday?

Aside from the sumptuous and savory meals, Black Friday is also here again!

We know you cannot help but spoil your loving Labradors so here are few items you can score for low prices!


Are you looking for a healthy dog food your Lab will love? Science diet offers up to 30% off some of their products! Who would have thought that savings and health come together?


Thanksgiving is a holiday for our tummies. Why not let your Labradors celebrate as well with these tasty treats! Your Labs will rejoice in gratitude! Get up to 20% discount on milk bone products!


Or get these Dingo rawhide treats and save up to 16%!


Does your Labbie chew your shoes? Does he love making a meal out of your socks? Perhaps you can offer him a great and better substitute! Get up to 47% off select Nylabone products, and let your Labs chew all they want!


To organize those yummy belly-fillers, these pet container products also come with up to 29% discounts!



What are you waiting for?

Grab them before the deal goes off!

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