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Sally The Three-Legged Labrador Lives A Full Life Down Under


Dog Living A Full Life On Only 3 LegsFor Brian Drechsler from Estella, his 10-year old Labrador Sally, really is his best friend. They share a special bond. This special connection between Lab and owner has grown stronger through a remarkable story of survival and persistence.

When Sally was five, Drechsler tied her in the back of an 18-foot tray body truck. Unfortunately Sally took a tumble off the side and snapped a nerve in her shoulder. “I had her tied in the middle … she went over one side and must have come back to the driver’s side and overbalanced,” Mr Drechsler, 65, said. “I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw the collar hanging over the side of the truck.” For the next three years Drechsler tried to save Sally’s leg using a number of different makeshift splints. But vets told him it wouldn’t work.

“(The leg) was there but it wasn’t there, she learned to walk off her other foot,” he said. “I made a boot for her, but it just didn’t work.”

Eventually Sally’s leg had to be amputated. But she remained as happy as ever. “She is happy and that’s the main thing,” he said. “She gets around no trouble at all.”

According to Drechsler missing a leg doesn’t stop Sally from jumping in and out of his boat, in and out of his vehicle and going for a walk. “I generally hang onto her collar when she jumps out, just to take the pressure off her front leg.”

Article and image source: The Daily Advertiser


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