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Ruby The Labrador Is Allergic To Being A Dog


No bones, no walks, no dog food for poor Ruby. This Labrador is allergic to being a dog.

Gnawing a bone, having a run on grass, going for a walk and chowing down on dog food, is all part of a normal day for most Labradors. Not so for Ruby, a beautiful black 3 year old Labrador from Edinburgh. She’s allergic to everything!

Ruby is allergic to to meat, milk, dust mites and some kinds of grass. She has no other option than to eat homemade vegetarian meals. She takes medicine daily to relieve sneezing.

No bones, walkies or even dog food Meet Ruby the Labrador who is allergic to being a DOG2

When she ventures outside, she has rinses off in lakes, rivers and puddles if she gets a stray blades of grass on her.

Karen Stanfield, 27, the Lab’s owner keeps her house spotless for her dog’s benefit. She says, “People are always wondering what I feed my dog and when I explain they say: “How can a dog be allergic to all the things that dogs normally love?”

“But it’s just like people, some are lactose intolerant, some have to have gluten free food. My dog is allergic to dog food.”

Ruby’s odd allergies only began last year. She started suffering from chronic stomach upsets, sneezing and fatigue. She refused to play or go for walks and started losing weight, even though she was eating well.

Karen was baffled. She tried everything to get her back to her usual self.

When her vet did a Avacta sensitest, a special blood test for pet allergies,  it was discovered that multiple allergies were the source of her problems. Ruby was put on a strict vegetarian diet. She now eats food cooked from scratch to ensure there are no allergens. Karen’s house is hoovered daily from top to bottom to get rid of dust mites.

No bones, walkies or even dog food Meet Ruby the Labrador who is allergic to being a DOG1

Her owner Karen says “Even though I’m a positive reinforcement dog trainer I couldn’t work out why Ruby was so lethargic and unhappy. She was miserable and so was I.

“It wasn’t until Ruby’s vet did the sensitest that we realised it was allergies causing all her problems.’

She added: ‘Ruby ate vegetarian food for a year and I’ve just started reintroducing turkey and pork back into her diet as she’s not allergic to those.’

Article and image souce: Daily Mail