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Retiring Police Labrador Receives Fire Hydrant As A Gift


Retiring Police Labrador Receives Fire Hydrant As A GiftA 10-year-old Labrador received an awesome retirement gift – a fire hydrant!

Hondo, a Round Rock police dog, retired after eight years of dedicated service. The city officials decided to give him a unique present.

The Lab, together with his handler, police officer Jeff Spencer, attended at a city council meeting last Thursday, January 8.

At the meeting, Police Chief Allen Banks spoke on Hondo’s behalf.

“Hondo has never once complained but he’s had to listen to Jeff many nights,” Banks said with a laugh.

The Labrador Retriever not only helped detect illegal drugs, he also worked with people with mental or physical disabilities.

This awesome Lab will be spending his well-earned retirement with Spencer’s family.

“How much were we paying Hondo?” said Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw.

According to McGraw, the utility department donated a brightly painted red fire hydrant to Hondo as “a memento from us.”

Banks said the Lab will be replaced with two police dogs named Harley and Karma. They pooches were also present at the meeting.

“Hondo must feel good that it takes two to replace him,” McGraw said.

Hondo and Spencer walked out of the room with everyone clapping and giving applause.

Hondo did not look the least bit interested in the fire hydrant as it was wheeled past him.


Image credits: Claire Osborn/American-Statesman
Source: American-Statesman