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Retired Bomb Detection Lab Reunites With Marine


Belle, a 3-year-old bomb detection Lab reunites with her former handler, Marine Sgt. Sam Wettstein.

They bonded for a year when they both served in Afghanistan but they later separated when their deployment was over.

“A piece of him was missing when he got home,” said Sam’s wife, Jessica in an interview with ABC10 news.

The deployment ended in April.

Sam has always been interested in adopting Belle but was initially declined.

Belle was sent to North Carolina for more training.

Then the Wettsteins got a phone call informing them that Belle was being retired.

“I was in a room full of Marines, and I can tell you I couldn’t remember anyone’s face, I can remember was that I could adopt Belle,” he said.

The reunion was full of tail wagging, jumps, and whimpers of joy!

Mission K-9 Rescue and the American Humane Association made the travel and adoption possible.

Wettstein is still on active duty, but Belle will live out her days at the family home in Orange County.

Source: ABC10 News