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Research Show Owner-Dog Bonding Very Similar To That Of Children


Owner-Dog bonding And The Secure Base EffectThe “secure base effect” that exists between parents and children is also present in owner-dog bonding. Researchers from the Vetmeduni’s Messerli Research Institute proved this when they studied the bond between humans and dogs by testing the animals’ confidence levels with and without their owners.

In human parent-child relationships, infants perceive their parent as a “secure base,” and they explore the world more confidently when their caregiver is present.

According to the research, a canine’s need for a human is the same as a child’s need for a parent, man may actually be a dog’s best friend. Researchers tested this by observing how dogs responded to food rewards when the owner was absent, when the owner was silent and when the owner was encouraging. They also tested how the animal responded when the owner was replaced with an unknown person.

They found that the dogs’ attachment to their owners was very similar to the bond between parent and child. The dogs would pursue the food reward and address the dog-toy challenges. The owner’s presence was enough to encourage the animal, whether or not the owner spoke didn’t affect the dog.

Researcher Lisa Horm said that “One of the things that really surprised us is that adult dogs behave toward their caregivers like human children do. It will be really interesting to try to find out how this behavior evolved in the dogs with direct comparisons.”

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