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Research Aims To Set Nationwide Dog Breed Standards In The US


Research Aims To Set Nationwide Dog Breed Standards in the USA Purdue University professor is leading a program that could set nationwide commercial dog breed standards.

Candace Croney is an associate professor at Purdue Univeristy where she teaches animal sciences. She is also the director of the university’s Center of Animal Welfare science. The professor will conduct a research project that will collect data and test current nationwide dog breed standards, which vary per state,. The aim is to create a uniform standard for dog care in the whole country.

“There are lots of breeders who are not doing the best for their dogs, and they don’t know that they could be doing better,” Candace said.

Several breeders ignore unique and complex traits and challenges such as genetic characteristics, behavioral, and physical sciences.

Two examples are French Bulldogs and Pugs, who both require C-section to deliver their pups. Some breeders breed them constantly which would mean having them go under the knife several times and that is harmful.

Candace said she will also study several other factors that affect dog welfare, such as housing.

She also stressed that her goal is education, not enforcement.

Candace said the research will address many current problems of commercial dog breeding.

She hopes it will lead to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a consultant on the project, updating its guidelines — effectively creating a national dog breeding standard.

A final draft of the project will be written this fall while the whole study is expected to be completed by 2016.

“We don’t want to write really good standards that no one could live up to,” Candace said. “And we don’t want to write low standards that impacts the quality of life for dogs.”


Source: JCOnline.com