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Rescued Labrador Qualifies For Crufts!


Spencer Dibble and his partner, Annette Gibson, are celebrating because their rescued Labrador has qualified for Crufts!

The couple adopted Daisy, a fox red Labrador, from the Labrador Trust in Bridgewater. Since then, the pooch has been living a great life in the family’s home in Burnham.

Spencer and Annette have been training Daisy since she was 10 months-old. The great news is all her training paid off! Daisy qualified for pre-beginners level at Crufts!

Rescued Labrador Qualifies For Crufts!

“She is an absolutely fantastic dog,” said Spencer.”She won a competition last Sunday that is open to all breeds and has now qualified for Crufts by herself. Daisy came fourth in the Discovered Dogs competition and it was so close- she really can hold her own.In the last 12 months she has achieved so much.”

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The awesome Labrador trains with the Woodspring Dog Training Club once a week, as well as at a local club in Burnham.

“On November 14 we are taking Daisy to the National Obedience Championship in Warwickshire,” said Spencer. “She also (has) a trial for the South West team.”

Rescued Labrador Qualifies For Crufts! 2

Spencer added that they have seven including Labradors, a Collie, a Whippet, Jack Russell Terriers and a BeagleJack Russell mix.

“We have very high hopes for Daisy and so proud that she is off to Crufts again,” the proud owner said. “If the previous owners that didn’t want her could see her now, I think they’d be flabbergasted.

“She has a wonderful nature and is a very talented dog and has achieved fantastic results so far, and hopefully will continue.”


Image and article source: Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News