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Rescued Labrador Mix Saves Woman From Attacking Bear


In Montana, a woman was saved from a bear attack by the dog she rescued ten years ago.

Kate Cholewa was walking with her Labrador, Carmen, at the Point of Rocks Fishing Access Site in Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks when she saw the hair on her dog’s back stand up.

“It was suddenly like ripple, ripple, ripple,” she said.

Rescued Labrador Mix Saves Woman From Attacking Bear 1Kate Cholewa/Facebook

Kate then looked to her left and there it was – a bear. A supposed serene and peaceful walk turned into a terrifying ordeal.

The beat attacked her and she felt the animal get on top of her.

“I just saw it and I was on the ground,” she said. “I was thinking, ‘I’m dead.’”

Then she heard Carmen barking. The 12-year-old black Labrador mix’s bark started thebear who backed off and escaped.

The 53-year-old writer called 911 and waited in her car until help arrived.

She suffered a big cut on her head, which wildlife officials believe came from a bite. Kate’s face was bruised. She also has a few cuts on her hands, but other than that, she came out fine.

“I got off easy,” Kate said.

Kate is safe now thanks to a dog she rescued at the Missoula Humane Society more than a decade ago. She adopted Carmen after playing with her at the Humane Society. She thought the black Lab would be a good companion for a writer – and she proved to be a great one!

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Sadly, Carmen hasn’t had perfect health. Last year, Kate was told Carmen only had six months to live because of a torn ACL. Kate considered surgery, but decided not to pursue it when she found out that Carmen would need six months of recovery time afterward.

With therapy and safety measures to help the dog take it easy, Carmen is now doing well.

As for the bears, Kate said she probably won’t go back to the park until “the bears go to sleep.”

On Monday FWP issued a press release saying that locals had reported seeing a grizzly in the area recently, but spokeswoman Andrea Jones said they couldn’t confirm whether Kate had been attacked by a grizzly or black bear.

The Point of Rocks Fishing Access Site has been closed until further notice as FWP officials investigate the incident.

“It’s not uncommon that bears would be down by the river,” Jones said.


Source: Bozeman Daily