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Rescued Labrador Mix Defies Death Twice But Battle Is Not Over!


Rescued Labrador Mix Defies Death Twice But Battle Is Not Over!Lucky Lab Rescue is the last hope for many dogs!

That is the case for Kate, a black Labrador mix from San Antonio. This rescued Labrador mix has defied death twice, but her battle is not over!

The Labrador was scheduled to be euthanized on Good Friday, but the staff at San Antonio Pets Alive had fallen in love with the charismatic, loving Lab! They convinced Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption to take her in.

Lucky Lab found a foster home for the Kate in Austin, but then disaster struck again. The Labrador managed to open a sliding door and jumped off a balcony more than 20 feet high.

The vet who is now caring for the Labrador, Lynanne Mockler, believes that the dog jumped simply because she is a rescue dog. Being unused to being taken care of, she needed to get outside to take care of herself. The dog doesn’t yet understand the concept of someone returning every day to care for her.

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In jumping off the balcony, the Lab broke her front legs.

“This is her right leg, her femur, her thigh bone,” said Mockler, pointing out Kate’s injury. “What you can see is a break right here.”

“In order to fix this we have to realign it, put a plate in there and adjust some screws in there to stabilize it, and then it can heal,” she added. “It’s a lot of damage.”

But you can’t keep a good dog down. Despite her challenged life, the Labrador is happy and grateful.

“Dogs are really brave. They go through a lot of things,” said Ramirez. “She keeps telling us every day with her tail wag, ‘I’m not done yet.’”

Kate will need a special foster family who can help her during recovery. This means changing bandages and making sure she has no infections.

Lucky Lab Rescue also needs help to pay for the $7,500 dollar surgeries. To help, visit their web page.


Source: KXAN