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Rescue Labrador Mix Saves Man From Wimberley Flood!


A rescue Labrador mix saved a man from a flood that struck Wimberley on the Memorial Day weekend.

John lives on the Blanco River across the former Fischer Store Bridge. He refuses to have his last name revealed because he doesn’t want any publicity.

Rescue Labrador Mix Saves Man From Wimberley Flood

Despite that, John wants to tell how Zeva, his family’s usually quiet Labrador mix, saved their lives.

The Labrador mix stole John and his wife’s hearts when they brought her home from a shelter four years ago.

“She’s my best friend,” John said.

John never imagined that Zeva would turn out to be his guardian angel too!

“Well, I had already gone to sleep,” said John. “She had a penetrating bark. Enough to wake me up and the water was already three feet. In another 10 minutes it was another four feet.”

That night, the Blanco River climbed more than 40 feet and passed the second story of the house so John, his friend, and Zeva stayed and waited in the attic for rescue crews.

“You’d look down and see big tree trunks coming through here, furniture, everything, and it was just roaring,” John said.

The three were rescued six hours later.

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“They rescued us about 4 ‘o clock in the morning,” said John.

When first responders showed up, John made sure to take Zeva with him. He refused to leave without Zeva.

“It was harder getting her out then getting her up,” he said.

Zeva and John returned the next day and found their home torn apart.

“Everything is damaged, everything needs to be picked up, everything needs to be cleaned up,” said John.

Fortunately, the frame of the house is still intact but John said he’s not sure if he will rebuild in the same place. But wherever he decides to live, Zeva will always be by his side.

“She’s the hero,” said John.


Source: MyFoxAustin