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Rescue Labrador Bunny Is Superb Diver!


Rescue Labrador Is Superb DiverTami Stanley rescues Labrador Retrievers. However, she didn’t know that she’ll be in for a surprise when she brought Bunny home from the pound, with a bad case of mange. As Bunny healed, she found that the dog had a skill and didn’t know that depth of the dog’s talents until they were playing in the pool.

“She was all hairless here, and no hair around her eyes, and no hair on her ears,” she said. “I happened to grab the toy, and it was just here under the water. And Bunny came swimming by and just went bloop,” explained Stanley.

Bunny could hold her breath and dive.

“So then we put it further, and I held it with my toe on the bottom,” said Stanley. “She went right down and got it, and then we just moved it out.”

Soon, Bunny was diving to 7 feet deep, then 9, and then 13.

“It was very exciting. I’ve worked with a lot of dogs, and this was the only dog that has ever showed me this,” said Stanley. “For a dog to go under water that far, on her own, and to be able to hold her breath, you know. That’s a lot of pressure for dogs, so it’s very unusual … And if you’ve seen her do it when she comes out, she immediately blows out this big wad of air.”

Stanley hopes the Youtube video will make a splash with someone who’ll give Bunny a new home. For now, it has drawn thousand of hits on Youtube.

“And to have a dog come out of the shelter that somebody else discarded with a really cool skill is very exciting for me, personally,” said Stanley. “It really is amazing. Someone is going to love Bunny, and Bunny is going to make a great dog and a lot of fun for somebody.”

Bunny’s favorite thing to do, aside from diving, is to go on hikes and be outdoors.


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