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Quiz: Is Your Lab As Smart As You Think?


Is Your Lab As Smart As You ThinkWe all love our Labradors. Some of us even treat them like children.And while we can brag about our, or our children’s, brightness through academic achievements it is quite a challenge to prove that our beloved Labs are as clever as we know in our hearts are.

It is common knowledge that some breeds are more intelligent than others. Stereotyping of breeds has also evolved but of course, there are still exceptions within each breed.

So yes, it is possible for a presumably airheaded Chihuahua to do great in doggie intelligence tests, while a supposedly clever German Shepherd will fail to recognize the commands “sit” and “stay”.

Doggie behavior is one of the factors used to determine intelligence in dogs and it doesn’t lie in the breed alone, training is also key. For example, a persistent human with low IQ can perform complex jobs under hard conditions.

It is a complicated matter since the way dog’s display their intelligence may or may not be boosted through the help of their incredible senses.

So how can measure our dog’s mental abilities? This test combines observation of the subject’s usual behaviors, some of which may have been influenced by training, way of living and upbringing in an attempt to measure the dog’s ability to think sequentially and to respond to commands.

Source: The Telegraph