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Queen Elizabeth Has A Secret Love For Labrador Retrievers


It seems that even the Queen cannot resist a Labrador’s charm! Queen Elizabeth has a secret love for Labrador Retrievers that is not well-known!

Aside from her beloved Corgis, Britain’s longest-serving monarch also has a lifelong love of for Labradors.

According to a new book, the Queen has up to 20 Labrador Rerievers – the most popular dog breed in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Author and television adventurer Ben Fogle writes that the Queen keeps her Labs hidden from public view in Sandringham, Norfolk. He calls the Labrador breed the “private love of her life” in his book Labrador: The Story of the World’s Favourite Dog.

Fogle said he was not allowed to see the Queen’s Labradors for himself.

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“She keeps them very secret,” he told The Times. “The Corgis are the dogs that she is happy to show off, but she has a huge kennel of Labradors. They are one part of her life she likes to keep private.”

Queen Elizabeth Has A Secret Love For Labrador Retrievers

In the book, Fogle also claims the Queen has made special changes to a fleet of country cars so she can drive the dogs around.

“I was once told a story that the Queen has several Land Rovers custom-made with windscreen wipers on the inside,” he wrote. “Apparently these were specifically adapted for her labradors who have a tendency to steam cars up from the inside out.”

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Fogle also interviewed Viscount Knutsford for the book.

“The Queen has often lamented to him how much she wished she could spend more time with her beloved Labradors,” he said. “The Queen had a particular soft spot for one Lab and decided to bring it to Windsor Castle so she could spend more time with it. She fed it and walked it herself, but the poor dog pined for its mates back at Sandringham and so she eventually sent it back for the sake of the dog. Even the Queen thinks of her dogs first.”


Source: Mail Online