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Puppy Bowl XI Features Team Ruff and Team Fluff! Meet The Puppies In The Starting Lineup!


It’s Puppy Bowl time again! This year’s Puppy Bowl splits the puppies into two teams – Ruff and Fluff!

It has to be the cutest event of the year!

This year, for the first time in the event’s eleven year history, the adorable, adoptable players will be in “opposing” teams: Team Ruff will be in green and Team Fluff in yellow! Scroll down to meet the puppy players!

Animal Planet took the four sweet rescue puppy contenders to the Daily News studio to promote this year’s event! It was a whole lot of fun!

“It’s going to be chaos,” official ruffaree, Dan Schachner, told The News.

Last year 13.5 million people watched the Puppy Bowl’s 12-hour run.

Animal planet expects more viewers this year! Don’t forget to tune in to the puppy event of the year.

A few interesting penalties were introduced last year:

  • Terrorizing the Ref – this one’s self-explanatory!
  • Paws Interference – where a pup blocks another pup from passing!
  • Pancaking – if a puppy lies flat instead of playing!

Wonder what this year will bring?

So how do they get the puppies to co-operate so beautifully?

Schachner says, “Sometimes they get a little too rambunctious, or they get a little too lazy, so we motivate them with squeaky toys and noises, or we’ll throw some extra balls on the field to get them to play.”

When a puppy carries a toy into the end zone, that’s a touchdown!

All the puppy contenders are rescue dogs. They come from shelters across the country. Each of the 85 puppies is available for adoption.

If you fall in love with one of the puppy athletes go to animalplanet.com to find out about adoption.

Meet the puppies in the Puppy Bowl XI starting lineup!

Team Ruff

Puppy bowl Boomer Puppy bowl Falcor Clumber Spaniel

Puppy bowl Kiara Puppy bowl Lewis Shar Pei

Puppy bowl Titan

Team Fluff

Puppy bowl Aaron Boxer Puppy bowl Chicklet Australian Shepherd mix Puppy bowl Drew Carey Cocker SpanielPuppy bowl Maggie Beagle Dachshund mixPuppy bowl SavannahPuppy bowl Pepper Shih Tzu Terrier mix


Article and image source: Daily News
Photo credits: Keith Barraclough for Animal Planet