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Puppies Scheduled To Be Euthanized Evacuated To Loving Homes In Florida


Puppies Scheduled To Be Euthanized Evacuated To Loving Homes In FloridaWhen two planes touched down almost simultaneously at Palm Beach County Air Park, a delighted cheer went up from the public. “Yay, puppies.”

These planes had just arrived with the precious cargo of more than 60 puppies and 2 cats.

The puppies scheduled to be euthanized were rescued from shelters in Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama. This was part of a nationwide effort to get these pets into loving homes in South Florida, with the assistance of Pilots N Paws volunteer pilots like Jeff Bennett and Jeff Luizza.

Children and adults were waiting to cuddle these lovely puppies as soon as they arrived. A Palm Beach County Group called A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue, found foster homes for all these needy pets. The organizers had prepared makeshift pens on a shaded patch of grass where they placed the animals. The puppies ate, drank and ran around in circles, while the crowd was looking at them full of tenderness. There were also 8 newborn puppies that just managed to make the flight.

According to one of the organizers, the dogs will be spayed as soon as they are old enough, around 8 weeks.

The past president of the organization, Ruth Douthitt, had inspired everybody within the community of animal lovers to offer a temporary, nurturing environment for these pups. There were enough takers on Saturday when the animals got to Florida.

“You have to consider yourself the bridge from their old life where they were neglected, abused, abandoned,” Douthitt said. “ You’re the bridge that gets them ready for their forever homes.”

Some of these animals were fortunate enough to find permanent homes immediately. Bob Harvey, his wife Lindy and their daughter Caroline had planned to foster, but later decided that they would be keeping the black-and-tan dog. “I don’t see myself fostering a dog,” he said. “We’re dog people. They become members of the family.” According to Harvey, this is one of the greatest things the community can do as a whole.

Audrey Stansbury from Sebring had already made up her mind that she would be keeping a Boston terrier that would be among the dogs arriving. “It’s so nice to see so many coming from kill shelters,” she said, growing emotional. “It’s wonderful what the pilots are doing. It’s phenomenal, it’s touching.”

Referring to helping rescue pets, pilot Jeff Luizza said, “We’re only scratching the surface.”

Article source: Sun Sentinel

Image: Jack Hardman/news-press.com


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