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Previously Abused Labrador Mix Rescue Dog Now Plays Football


In Canada, a previously abused black Labrador-Shepherd mix rescue dog is now an awesome football player. Her attacker was sentenced to two years in prison.

Breezy, the Lab mix was kicked, beaten with a shovel and rake, and thrown into a dumpster.

After her rescue, she was adopted by a loving family in March. Her recovery is quite remarkable.

“She’s a good little football player,” her owner Sheila Wallner says. “She leaps up in the

air, catches the football. She’ll run down the room with it.”

The pooch even hasthegarb to match her newfound love of football!Breezy wears a red and black collar that resembles Ottawa Redblacksapparel.

That isn’t all Breezy loves! She has learned to twirl on command.Wallner also made an obstacle course for Breezy. She can jump over bars, slide under chairs, and make her way through the course with ease.

“She just loves to do that sort of thing,” Wallner said.

According to Wallner, Breezy seems to have grown up since she and her husband first adopted. She’s a more subdued version of her spunky self, Wallner said.

Other than an injury in one of her eyes, Breezy seems to have recovered fully, said Wallner. The loss of her sight makes her feel vulnerable in front of other dogs, but they are working on that.

Steven Helfer, Breezy’s attacker, was sentenced in June after he pleaded guilty to disfigurement a dog, criminal harassment, and two counts of assault with a weapon.


Image: Wayne Cuddington/Ottawa Citizen
Source: Ottawa Citizen