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Possibly Largest Litter Of Labrador Retrievers Born In Scotland


Scottish Labrador Retriever Gives Birth to Largest Litter EverPossibly the largest litter of Labrador Retrievers were born in Scotland!

Like any pregnant Lab, Annie was expected to deliver a litter of three to six puppies.

But when she started going into labor, the little bundles of joy came one after another, after another, to a total of fifteen pups!

Annie’s owners have been unable to find a record of any Labrador in UK that has had the same or more number of puppies.

All they can find is a record of the same number from Auckland.

“Guinness World Records just have a record for the dog with the most pups and that was a mastiff with 24 and the person I spoke to thought it was probably a Scottish or British record for a Labrador,” according to Mr. Kelly.

The Kennel Club has requested a photo of the 15 pups for record.

Mr. Kelly narrated what happened while Annie was in labor. “She started into labour at 7:30pm at night and myself and my daughter, Jennifer, who is 20, waited with her until 3:30am. By that time she had had 14 pups, she had settled down and we thought that was it,” he said.

“Next morning Rhona went to see Annie about 6:30am and did a headcount and there were 15 pups.”

A military-style operation has ensured the puppies are fed by their mother on rotation.

Puppy milk formula bottle feeds are used as supplements because there are too many pups for Annie to feed on her own.

The registration of the pups at the Kennel Club is successful despite them being just over a month old.

The Kellys are keeping two and have found good homes for eight more.

The other five are still to be rehomed when they are ready to leave their mother next month.

“It is certainly unusual for a Labrador retriever to have this many puppies in a litter,” Kennel Club Secretary Caroline Kisko said.

The Labrador Retriever is the UK’s most popular dog, with the Kennel Club registering more than 35,000 puppies in the breed last year.

Article and image source: The Scotsman