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Planning To Give Someone A Dog For Christmas? Here Are Things You Should Consider!


GPlanning To Give Someone A Dog For Christmas 3iving dogs as gifts is not a great idea. It may be a sweet gesture, made with pure, good intentions, but it may be a bad idea for various reasons.

Dogs enrich our life. They brighten up our days. They are the best-est friend we can have. Being with the company of a dog reduces stress and put smiles on our faces, but that is not all dogs are about.

One should realize that bringing a dog into anyone’s world, is a LIFE decision. The gift of a dog comes with the responsibility for another being’s life. It’s a bit like giving someone a baby they weren’t ready for, and didn’t ask for. It may be cute, but you might be forcing a huge responsibility and expenditure on them.

Getting a dog has far more implications. This means feeding a furry friend twice a day for at least 10 years. That means 3650 days of devotion, care, attention, time and money.


Dogs cost money

Planning To Give Someone A Dog For Christmas 4Yep, money. The average dog owner spends around $2,000 a year on their dogs. That’s how much food, veterinary visits, flea medicine, vaccinations, toys and shampoo will cost. The cost of these doggie needs can easily go higher. In Britain, one in twenty dog owners spend $16000 pampering their dogs. What if the pooch goes missing? Finding Fido requires cash, too. A dog owner offered $1,000 reward for the return of her missing silver Labrador while a woman from DC, spent $35,000 finding her beloved Rottie who is now still missing after more than year of searching.


Dogs need training

Planning To Give Someone A Dog For Christmas 2How about training? Training a dog will require a lot of time, patience, and dedication. If the dog never learns at least the basics of come, sit, down, stay and heel, along with some other fundamental commands relating to daily living, like “no,” ‘leave it,” “potty” and others, you are in trouble! Having a system of communication with your dog is needed, or else, there will be trouble. And the human will be the one left miserable.


Dogs require time and effort

Planning To Give Someone A Dog For ChristmasAnd the ultimate and most important expenditure: Time. Dogs used to live in packs. They are social animals, and they require a certain amount of time together with their humans. Dogs also require exercise. This means you must get on your feet and go for a walk every day. Most of them need at least a 30 minute walk daily. But some dogs have higher energy or are more athletic, this means they will require more.

Without a doubt, there are lots of benefits to having a dog. Dog owners typically get sick less, have better heart health. A study even showed that owning a dog keeps the elderly fitter and a decade younger.

They are also generally happier. Statistics show that kids who grew up with a dog, are less likely to get allergies. It was also found that dog owners are less prone to depression – even for those who become clinically depressed. According to some studies, taking care of a pet may be a more effective cure than anti-depressant meds. There are even lots of dogs who helped veterans overcome severe depression and PTSD.

Ultimately, getting a dog for someone who isn’t expecting it, may seem less like a gift. For some it may not bring lasting joy, but surprising burden. It may be more thoughtful and considerate to actually ask the recipient of your gift if they want a dog. If they do, then you can bring a dog into her life! Make sure to do a little research to pick a breed that perfectly fits their lifestyle.