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Photographer Attempts To Fight Black Dog Syndrome


Photographer Attempts to Fight Black Dog SyndromeThe Black Dog Syndrome is a common phenomenon in dog shelters.

“I don’t know what it is,” Dianne Sauve, the director of Palm Beach County’s Animal Care and Control, said. “So we try not to put them all together. And we work with them to teach them to sit. You’ve got to market the black dog’s attributes and talents. I’ve seen a group of Chihuahuas go in and the last one to go is the black one.”

Prospective adopters’ reasons varied from being worried that black dogs would shed too noticeably, get too hot, or look older than they are. Others say that facial features, a real selling point for a pound animal, are too obscured in black dogs.

Fred Levy, a professional photographer from Massachusetts, started The Black Dogs Project as a way to remove “Black Dog Syndrome” in people and promote the often-ignored beauty of black dogs.

Fred used social media to find people who would be willing to allow him to have their black dogs photographed in his basement studio. Then, he published the portraits online.

“Everyone who owns one says it’s hard to get a good photo of their dog,” Fred said.

“I wanted to give myself a challenge.” He learned the struggle of black dogs in being adopted when he took his own multi-colored dog to a local dog park.

Since then, he has shot portraits of about 75 black dogs, and photographed them on a black background as an extra challenge.

“My hope is to let people know that this is definitely an issue,” Levy said.

“When they go to look for their first dog, maybe it’s something they’ll keep in mind.”

Image: Black Dogs Project

Source: The News Tribune