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Peeing Labrador Upstages BBC Weather Presenter


Urinating dog'upstages' BBC weather presenter Carol KirkwoodA peeing Labrador “stole the show” on live television in the UK by having a good old pee as BBC weather presenter, Carol Kirkwood was broadcasting live on a beach.

It could only be a Lab! 🙂 Watch the video below.

The meteorologist was broadcasting from West Wittering beach, in West Sussex, when a dog called Connie, who belongs to a BBC producer, crept into shot.

Connie then began to urinate, with the shallow water lapping at her heels.

Spotting the dog as it sauntered off, Kirkwood said: “Upstaged by a dog, it’s the story of my life.”

Co-host Charlie Stayt added: “Don’t turn round!”

The BBC Breakfast Twitter feed later carried an image of the dog with the message: “Someone’s looking a bit guilty…”

It added: “Soooo… that was awkward. Rest assured: our sources tell us it was a number one.”

Article and image source: BBC