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Obese Labrador Reaches Ideal Weight Thanks To Fat Clinic


Overfeeding and lack of exercise – these are the main causes of obesity in dogs. As they flash their puppy dog eyes while begging for food, we cannot help but feed them more than we should.

In fact, statistics show that half of Britain’s dogs are overweight. Thankfully, a ‘Fat’ clinic is there to help stop the ‘epidemic’.

Henry, a chocolate Labrador, is one of the pets helped by Penmellyn’s ‘fat’ clinics.

The Lab’s full name is Henry James Plantagenet Brown and he weighed 55.6kg and his waistline measured 35.4inches when he was rescued by Becky Lovegrove last year.

Penmellyn Vets, Pool 3Henry was so chunky the tape measure could not reach around his chest.

After a year of visiting the weight clinic, the 8-year-old Lab lost a whopping 15kg. His waistline has also gotten smaller –down to 29inches and his chest 35inches.

“The vets have been absolutely brilliant. He is much happier, he doesn’t smell as much, he runs everywhere and he plays with his toys more. He is full of life and he looks fantastic,” Becky said.

Henry is only a kilogram away from reaching his ideal weight.

Becky also reveals the secret behind Henry’s successful weight loss: weighing his food.

Hooray for Henry!


Image and article source: West Briton