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Obese Labrador, Mike, Is Slim And Trim Again


At more that 130 pounds, Mike the Labrador needed help. He had lived on rich diet of  chicken dinners, with little or no exercise. Everyone knows that Labs love to eat, but Mike’s situation was beyond “out of control”.

He was too heavy for healthy runs in the park. Imagine what that would have done to his joints.

After a strict diet and seven months of training in a hydrotherapy tank, this Lab  is now a trim 84 pounds; almost half his previous weight. When he started out, he was too large to fit into the tank.

Labrador, Mike, Is Slim, Trim And Healthy Again

Mike was taken in by a rescue organization after his owner died. The Lab was three years old and struggling to walk even short distances. He had damaged a ligament in his leg trying.

Mike’s adopters, Hannah Holland and Paolo Terzaga, swapped Mike’s three daily human meals for two tins of bespoke dog food, and raw carrots for treats.

Ella Tonge, of Dogs Trust Loughborough, said: “Mike was the largest dog we’ve had. He would eat pretty much anything.”

“All the staff were so excited when we heard he was coming back into the centre.”

“We’d heard that he had lost loads of weight but to see it in the flesh is amazing, he has a waist.”

Ella added: “His plight highlighted the danger of over-feeding your pet and even worse feeding them a human diet.”

“What is fine for us to eat is not for them, especially when combined with very little exercise.”

In February, Miss Holland and Mr Terzaga, took Mike for surgery to fix his leg.

He now spends two hours a day walking, running and chasing after balls at his new home in Nottingham.

The trimmer Lab can finally fit into the hydrotherapy tank at the Dogs Trust Loughborough to treat his worn limbs.

Miss Holland, a veterinary student, said: “Mike has always been such a bright and happy boy, even when he was nearly twice the size he should be.”

“He just wanted to say hello to everyone and bounced around like a puppy.”

He’s still recovering from his ligament operation and has just started hydrotherapy at the Dogs Trust, something he seems to really enjoy.

“When he first arrived at Dogs Trust in early 2013 he was so large he couldn’t fit into the hydrotherapy tank. But now with his new figure he is able to take full advantage of the tank and help rebuild his strength and ensure he is distributing his weight evenly.”

Mr Terzaga, added: ‘He’s always had a great personality and hasn’t really changed much. He just seems happier that he can get around easier.”

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