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November Is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! Here Are Some Ways To Help Shelters Care For Dogs In Need!


November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month!

If you’re thinking about adding a new furry family member, please consider adopting an older dog.

When you adopt a senior dog, you give him the chance to live out his golden years in a warm and loving home. Shelters do their best to care for every single dog in their care.

November Is Adopt A Senior Dog MonthPaul Stam/Facebook

With Frank the Dachshund in tow, Alissa Gander appeared on Good Morning Connecticut on Saturday and shared a number of ways that you can help shelter dogs in need, even if you can’t take one in.

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Gander is an award-winning female entrepreneur and president of Peace Love Paws. They make specific gifts and lifestyle apparel products to benefit the local animal shelters.

Here are some ways to help your local animal shelter and the dogs they take in!

  1. Become a fan! Like your local shelter’s Facebook page.
  2. Share the message! You can use your social media account to spread the stories of the shelter pets in need.
  3. Get to know your local rescue.
  4. Do not adopt on impulse. Before you decide to adopt a dog, learn what to expect – knowing the challenges and rewards lessens frustration for both you and your dog.
  5. Show the shelter volunteers some gratitude. These people try their best to love and cater to the needs of all the dogs in their care.
  6. See if the local shelter is in need of an important supply – like dog food, towels, and paper towels. Animal shelters often on tight budgets so donating supplies is always be great help!
  7. Learn the art of gift-giving! You can make or buy toys and donate them to local shelter dogs. You’ll see how thankful these dogs are in the wags of their tails.
  8. Fostering saves lives! When you foster a dog, you’ll get to save two lives – the one you’ll be welcoming in your home and the new dog the shelter can take in.
  9. Volunteer! If you can’t foster, you can always volunteer at your local rescue! The perks? You’ll get to meet, love, and receive unconditional love from the shelter animals!
  10. Be a responsible dog owner. Spay or neuter your dog. Keep your dog leashed when out on a walk.
  11. Be proactive.If you see anything at the local shelter that concerns you, address this concern in a light and positive way.

Source: WTNH