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No Labrador Puppy In Budweiser’s 2016 Super Bowl Advert


There will be no Labrador puppy in Budweiser’s 2016 Super Bowl advert.

The young puppy who played an adorable and important role in Budweiser ads for the past two Super Bowls is not coming back in their 2016 adverts and might never come back again.

The reason is that while puppies are cute, they apparently don’t sell beer. Budweiser plans a more product-focused approach for Super Bowl 50, though the brand’s iconic Clydesdales will still be there.

“While the puppy’s story line won’t be reprised in February, the Budweiser Clydesdales are icons of the brand and will most certainly make an appearance,” Jorn Socquet, U.S. VP-marketing for A-B InBev, told Ad Age.

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“Budweiser aired two very different spots in last February’s Super Bowl, and we learned that content focused on the quality of our beer was most effective in generating sales. Starting with our ‘Brewed the Hard Way’ ad in last year’s game and throughout 2015, our marketing has featured a bold, confident voice that speaks directly to Budweiser drinkers, and sales trends have improved as a result. We’ll continue this tone in Super Bowl 50, and we’re excited to explore new creative territory,” Socquet adds.


Source:  Ad Age