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Naughty Yellow Labrador Retriever To Appear In Bad Dogs


Fridge Raiding Dog to Appear in Animal Planet's'Bad Dogs'A naughty yellow Labrador Retriever is to appear in Bad Dogs!

Leo is a yellow Labrador from Stroudsburg. He will appear on Animal Planet’s “Bad Dog” TV show on Aug. 9, according to a Facebook page about the event.

An Animal Planet crew went to Susie Forrester’s home in March to film Leo because of his unusual and naughty habit — raiding the refrigerator.

A video of the Lab opening a refrigerator and stealing food was uploaded to YouTube a couple of years ago and caught Animal Planet’s attention.

The video shows Leo and his technique. He first checks to see if there are people around and when the coast is clear, he uses his snout and teeth to grab and set the fridge open. Then, he uses his body to hold the door open and eats whatever he can get lay his muzzle on. Smart, naughty Lab! 🙂

The Facebook page lists for a viewing event at Siamsa Irish Pub in Stroudsburg from 7 to 9:30 pm on Aug. 9. The event page says that donations will go to the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe.

Image: Susie Forrester 2013
Source: Pocono Record