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Narcotics Labrador Barney Dies! RIP Brave Boy!


Narcotics Labrador Barney has died!

The eleven-year-old narcotics Labrador mix who was hospitalized after ingesting meth died on Wednesday night!

RIP brave boy! Thank you for catching so many bad guys!

Narcotics Labrador Recovering After Inhaling Meth


On Wednesday the vets reported that they were cautiously optimistic that they Lab would make a full recovery.

Sadly, the brave dog took a turn for the worse and died later that night!

Barney became ill while serving a warrant with his handler, Officer Henry Betts. The dog’s body temperature rose to 109 degrees and he started having seizures.

Narcotics dogs typically signal the presence of drugs by placing their noses on the substance. In this case the drugs were not wrapped up and the working dog was exposed directly to the chemicals.

That search warrant lead to the discovery of 44 pounds of meth. Three suspects were charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

“This is one of the biggest drug busts we’ve seen in Pierce County in the last decade,” Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a statement announcing the charges.

Thank you for catching so many bad guys Barney! Rest in Peace beautiful  boy!