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Mother Goose Labrador Mix Wins Good Morning America Contest


A woman from Escondido, California dressed up her Golden Labrador mix as Mother Goose. The adorable pooch was hailed the winner of a national Halloween costume contest on ABC’s “Good Morning America” TV show last Friday.

Judy Fridono made the goose costume by hand and Rina, her 11 year-old pooch, carries it very well. The doggie costume — which Judy called “Tails of Mother Goose” — has feathered wings, a frilly head cover, a pair of spectacles attached to an orange felt duckbill, and orange duck-like legs and webbed feet that fit Rina’s two front legs.

Judy submitted their entry to the “Dog Gone Scary Contest” by uploading a photo of Rina in costume in the show’s website last week.

Show producers had pre-selected their entry as a finalist and, just this week, the show’s viewers chose the winner in a series of online votes. It wasn’t an easy win for Rina, the votes were head to head!

In the end, Rinagot ahead of the first runner-up, Lulu, a bulldog dressed up as a 1920s pilot— with matching leather cap, goggles, scarf, and a miniature biplane.

Judy is a retired certified dog trainer and Rina is one of her two service dogs. Ricochet, a female Golden Retriever, is trained to surf and socialize with disabled children and adults with disabilities. She made it to news when a Florida teen with terminal brain cancer surfed with her at Del Mar’s dog beach. Her Facebook page has  more than 250,000 followers and they are the ones who helped vote Rina to victory in the “Good Morning America” contest.

Mother Goose Labrador Mix Wins Good Morning America Contest 2“Ricochet is so busy all year that she takes up most of my time, but when October rolls around and surfing season’s over, that’s Rina’s time for attention,” Judy said. “We get her dressed up in costumes and we enter contests. I can’t count how many we’ve entered over the years.”

Rina’s past costumes include the Energizer bunny, Tickle Me Elmo, a PEZ dispenser, the Swine Flu-zy, a bottle of Pepto-Bismol and some sorts of feathered birds.

“She thinks it’s funny to dress up,” she said. “She wags her tail and gets treats when she tries on her costume. She’s so good about it that it makes it easier to create a more elaborate costume than most other dogs would tolerate.”

Judy and Rina flew to New York City and received a free accommodation at a dog-friendly hotel as part of their prize. They also made a short, but sweet, appearance on Friday’s program, where Rinawas awarded a gold pumpkin-like trophy filled with treats.

According to Judy, they will fly back to Escondido via Chicago, her hometown, in a few days. She also mentioned that Rina is a bit tired, but enjoying her adventure.

“Now that she’s 11, it’s harder for her to travel, but she’s doing well,” Judy added. “She’s a great dog, very well trained and very patient and we’re having a good time.”


Image: Surf dog Ricochet/Facebook

Source: UT San Diego