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Missing Silver Labrador Back Home


Missing Silver Labrador Returns to His Owners' HomeCooper, the missing silver Labrador Retriever, has returned to his owners!

Cooper’s owner, Ann McDonough, said a neighbor watching her house for Cooper while she was away found the Lab in a storage room at her home last Tuesday.

Ann said Cooper had not been in the room before the neighbor found him. There were no signs that had been in there for very long as well.

“Somebody brought him back and put him where my fire wood is and shut the door,” she said.

The neighbor called Ann at about 5:30 p.m. with the awesome news.

“He heard some scratching. He opened the door and Cooper just walked out,” Ann said.

“Somebody put him in that room. All I wanted was my dog back and by golly, we got him back.”

She took Cooper to the vet’s office Wednesday. The Lab lost weight and is tired, but is otherwise fine.

The Lab went to his favorite chair as soon as he could.

“He was like, ‘Yea, I am home,” Ann said.

Cooper went missing Monday, July 21, when he seemingly vanished while Ann worked in the yard of her Murphy’s Crossing yard.

The McDonough’s search for pooch went viral thanks to posts on social media site and media coverage.

“I really believe in the power of community,” Ann said. “There was so much visibility on this dog. I’m sure they (whoever had him) could not have walked down the street without being noticed.”

The family had offered a $1,000 reward for Cooper’s return.

Ann said she plans to donate that money to the organizer of the missing pet’s Facebook page and Wags Inn pet boarding and care.

Ann said Wags Inn helps animals in need and helped in the search for Cooper.

The 75-pound silver Lab vanished just before his first birthday. His comeback gives pet lovers everywhere something to celebrate.

Now, that’s a good news!


Image: Ann McDonough/Facebook 

Source: Dayton Daily News