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Missing Labrador Service Dog Picked Up By Dog Catcher


Missing Labrador Service Dog Picked Up By Dog CatcherIn Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a missing Labrador service dog has been found and returned to his owner thanks to a dog catcher.

Zero, a 7-year black Labrador seizure alert dog, went missing on Thursday morning. Owner Catherine Kimmel says her Labrador Zero and German Shepherd Chase were hanging out by the front dog when somehow, they got out.

The German Shepherd was came back but Zero was nowhere in sight.

It turns out that a dog catcher picked Zero up a few miles away in Swissvale and held him in a kennel. After the dog catcher saw Zero’s story on TV he contacted Kimmel on early Saturday.

“I didn’t want to get my hopes up,” Kimmel said.

The hopeful owner arrived at the kennel at about 9:30 am on the same day. The pooch the dog catcher had called her about was indeed Zero.

Kimmel still wonders how the Lab ended up in Swissvale but is thankful for his safe return.

“He’s a fit dog. He loves to run and wander around. I thought he’d at least be in North Braddock,” she said.

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The black Labrador is a seizure alert dog and needs to be beside Kimmel at all times so now, the dog owner is not taking any risks.

“He has a chip in now,” she said.

Kimmel also said Zero somehow lost his collar and dog tags during his adventure, and she’s now in the process of getting them replaced.

The Labrador hasn’t left Kimmel’s side since his return home.

“I found him. That’s all that matters and he’s happy,” Kimmel said.


Source: CBS