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Mischievous Labrador Dog Makes A Snack Out Of Mom’s 2.5-Carat Engagement Ring


In Australia, a mischievous 8-month-old Labrador made a snack out of mom’s 2.5-carat engagement ring.

Susan Brewer left her engagement ring and wedding band on her bedside table in their home in Melbourne. When she returned home, she found the band in her bed,but the engagement ring was nowhere in sight.

Susan’s two sons,Sam and Henry, turned the house upside down in search for the missing ring, but couldn’t find it.

Mischievous Labrador Dog Makes A Snack Out Of Moms 2 5 Carat Engagement Ring

Then, thought Susan, Grizzly the family’s chocolate Labrador, must have something to do with it.

“I was starting to think this naughty dog probably did something with my ring. But I was hoping he just knocked it around and I would be able to find it,” she said.

They headed outside and checked the Labrador’s favorite digging spots, burrowing into flower beds hoping to find it – but still nothing.

“Well, he is a Lab,” she thought. “Is it possible he just ate it?”

Susan called her husband Mark and shared the possibility that the dog might have eaten the rock.

“Are you kidding?” he said.

As a last resort, the family took to the Labrador to the vet the next day where they confirmed that ring was indeed inside the dog’s stomach.An X-ray showed the ring in Grizzly’s intestine.

Veterinarian Jessica Lerardo confirmed that the jewelry posed no risk to the dog, so the family waited it out.

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Armed with a plastic knife and fork, Susan allowed nature to take its course.

“I only had to go through two piles of poop to find it. It was very dirty,” she said laughing.

But Sam and Henry were “mortified”.

“I put it in boiling water with antibacterial dish soap, and I just kept swishing that out, then I cleaned it with a toothbrush.” Susan said. “But now it’s good as new.”


Image and article source: Herald Sun