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Miracle Labrador Survives Mother’s Day Tornado! Dog Found Alive In Rubble!


Miracle Labrador Survives Mother's Day TornadoIn what can only be described a miracle, a Labrador survived the Mother’s Day tornado in Delmont!

The community of Delmont is still sifting through the rubble the Mother’s Day tornado left in its wake.

As residents try to salvage their treasures, one family found a real gem beneath all the destruction.

Large machinery has started rolling through the town, ready to clear away the debris of tornado-ravaged homes. Most of it is now simply garbage, one volunteer was delighted to find a living, breathing treasure – Gracie the Labrador!

“I’m lifting up the floor of the house right behind me, it’s really demolished right now. And all of a sudden a golden lab come out from underneath it,” excavator operator, Mike Red, told KELOLAND.com.

The Labrador went missing during the storm and her owners thought she had not survived.

No one knows how the Lab did survive, but they do know how she probably got into the basement of a neighboring house.

“There was a house sitting here, and he was in the kennel behind this house. It must have, from what we can tell, he must have went underneath of the house and it came down on him,” said Red.

Gracie’s family wasn’t ready to talk on camera, but word has quickly spread throughout the town of this canine survivor.

“It’s something that’s very good and as the word spreads people are very happy about it,” Rob Hotchkiss, Delmont City Council member said.

“I was just thankful to the Lord that I didn’t get him in my pinchers or anything. I’m just glad I didn’t kill him. I’m glad he’s alive. I’m just tickled pink,” said Red.

Gracie has a new nickname around town. She’s becoming known as Lucky!

“Amazing. That’s one lucky dog. That’s for sure,” said Red.

“Lucky dog sounds good to me right now,” said Hotchkiss.

Gracie is staying with a family friend for now, but we’re told the family is thrilled to have her back and safe.

Red says she was a little stiff and sore looking, but seems to be recovering.