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Military Lab Reunites with Former Partner


Former Military Lab reunites with partnerA few days ago, the news about a former Marine who searched for his former partner to adopt her broke!  Here’s an update and a video of the two back together.

Former Sgt. Anthony Marquez, who spent five years in the Marines, reunited with his partner Allie, an improvised explosive-device sniffing Labrador Retriever.

Allie, a Black Labrador Retriever,  served with Anthony in Afghanistan.

They last saw each other on Oct. 19, 2009, when he stepped down from a plane in California and the Lab was returned to her military contractor.

Anthony was supposed to drive to North Carolina to finally meet Allie again and adopt her. But former University of Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer arranged with the Quapaw Tribe-operated Downstream Casino for Anthony to take a private jet to pick up Allie.

He went to North Carolina with his mother, two brothers, and two friends.

Manny Marquez, his brother, documented the reunion.

“I don’t know if she immediately knew me,” Anthony said about Allie.

“There were a lot of people there. It was a lot of excitement for her. So we went out in the parking lot and she was kind of jumping on me and leaning on me. She started remembering.”

“It wasn’t emotional. It was just very nondescript picking her up because I think that (emotion) will come later. I think she knows him. I definitely think she recognizes him, remembers him because she clung to him throughout the flight. This whole weekend and today has just been incredible. I’m just so grateful to everyone who made it possible,” Anthony’s mother, Kellie, said.

Anthony Marquez served with Allie in Afghanistan from April to October in 2011.


Source: Owasso World