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Man Breaks Window Of Car To Save Labrador Dog Suffocating In A Hot Truck


It may be snowing in some parts of the US, but it is entirely different down south.

In Florida, a man broke the window of a car to save a Labrador dog, who was suffocating in a hot truck.

On Sunday, Jonathan Parris and his family saw a chocolate Labrador struggling to breathe in a sweltering truck parked outside a Florida Target.

Man Breaks Window Of Car To Save Labrador Dog Suffocating In A Hot Truck 1

Jonathan told WFLA that the truck’s windows were barely open and there were rain guards at the top of the glass. The temperature hadreached 85 degrees. According to the SPCA, add 20 degrees to that, then you’ll get an idea of the actual temperature inside the vehicle.

The man knew he had to do something fast. Eyewitnesses told Jonathan that the poor dog had been inside the vehicle for nearly an hour.

Seeing the dog in distress, Jonathan and his family decided to take cell phone video of the incident.

Jonathan told WFLA that he couldn’t bear watching the innocent animal suffer, so decided to take matters into his own hands. He took a hammer, broke the glass window, and used a moving blanket to protect the dog from the shards.

“I’d do it all over again,” he said. “I think of a pet as a family member. I can’t believe someone would just walk away.”

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Before breaking the glass, Jonathan called the police, who told him that it would take the officers 45 minutes to an hour to arrive.

The dog’s owner was reportedly inside Target shopping and Jonathan knew he couldn’t wait any longer so he did what he had to do.

Jonathan was shocked at the reaction of the owner when he finally came out of the store.

“This guy was mad because I broke his glass. He was worried about the window, not his dog,” Jonathan said.

A Largo police officer who later showed up at the scene let the dog’s owner off with a warning.

A bill proposed in the Florida legislature aims to protect bystanders from prosecution if they see an animal in distress and break a window to facilitate a rescue.

Source: WFLA