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Los Angeles Dog Cafe Opens For 4 Day Pup-Up!


Los Angeles Dog Cafe Opens For 4 Day Pup-UpDog Cafe opened in Los Angeles for a for a four day pup-up! A pup-up is founder of Dog Cafe, Sarah Wolfgang’s, cute word for a pop-up business! They’re having a four day trial run to get test the waters and get the public exited about the idea!

If you need a coffee with a “puppy love” treat, head off to the The Dog Cafe in downtown Los Angeles.

Ely Quinones and her friend Ivan Koumaev drove all the way from Valley Village to check out the cafe. They told Action News:

“It gives these dogs a chance to have a new home that probably were abused or just abandoned.”

All the dogs available for adoption are from Wags and Walks rescue.

“Shelter dogs taken out of the shelter and put in a bright, happy environment without the bars, I think people are able to imagine them as their pets,” said Lesley Brog, founder of Wags and Walks.

Dog Cafe will remain “pup-up” business until sufficient funding is raised.

The Dog Cafe is open through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 838 South Los Angeles Street in downtown Los Angeles. Admission is $15.

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Article source: Action News