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Would You Like To Borrow A Labrador? UK Residents Might Wanna Download This App!


Are you considering getting your own pup? Or are you a dog owner struggling to walk you dog regularly? If you’re from the UK, there’s an app to help you out.

BorrowMyDoggy is an app that matches dog owners and dog lovers to share their interests – dogs, of course!

RikkeRosenlund , co-founder of the app and website, said the idea started two years ago when she borrowed a Labrador Retriever from her friend.

“I borrowed the most beautiful Labrador and took it for a walk and wondered why people were spending so much money on dog walkers and kennels when people would love to walk or take care of dogs all the time,” she said.“I thought there should be a website to connect those people and met up with my business partner Les Cochrane who was working on app development and volunteered for the RSPCA.”

Would You Like To Borrow A Labrador UK Residents Might Wanna Download This App

When they tested the idea, 85 people signed up within three days—and they had the most inspiring stories.

“There were young professionals who couldn’t have a dog because they worked full time and it wasn’t fair to leave the dog alone for so long,” she said. “We had an elderly man from Cornwall who had just had an operation and he couldn’t take his dogs on long walks anymore so wanted someone to take his dog out at the weekend.”

“Another was a child who was begging for a dog but her parent’s didn’t want to get one,” she added.

Using the app, dog owners are allowed to set up online profiles with verification steps. There are also “meet and greet” sessions between the dogs and their borrowers. The subscription fee is charged yearly.

They realized that there were hundreds of people in a similar situation. So from a weekend project, it became Rikke’s full time job, matching potential doggie bachelors to new partners.

“We pulled a community together and I was working on it at nights and the weekends, but I had to make it my full time job because it became a 24-hour thing” Rikke said.“My background was in business development working with disaster relief and I was trained to deliver aid after earthquakes.”

The app helps lots of people including families deciding whether dogs are for them or not and those with full time jobs who need help walking their dogs.  The app also connects the local community.

There are even brides-to-be who have used the app to team up with a running partner to lose weight in preparation for their big day.

“People connect over their love of animals in the local neighborhood,” Rikke said.“For people you can make friends plus it’s amazing for the dogs because they get much love and attention.It’s all about getting to know people in your neighborhood.”

We’re certainly hoping for its availability in the US!