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Lady The Rejected Senior Labrador Adopted By Helen Rich Passes Away !


Our hearts bled when we learned about a dog who was rejected after walking 30 miles home. Lady, the rejected senior Labrador adopted by Helen Rich has passed away.

Lady, formerly known as Ma Kettle, lost her home when her original owner died. A family in Sedan, Kansas, adopted her and later surrendered her after getting a younger dog.

Lady The Rejected Senior Labrador Adopted By Helen Rich Passes AwayHelen Rich/Facebook

Her then-family found her a new home in Independence, Kansas but she obviously didn’t like the idea. The senior Labrador ran away and walked 30-miles to return to the family who gave up on her.

Despite the Lab’s incredible loyalty, the family still didn’t want her so they surrendered her to the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter. As a senior dog, lady’s life may well have ended there –longing for the love and warmth of having a family.

Pet Rescue Examiner, a specialty publication about animals in need, published her plight and her story resonated all over the world. Lady’s story touched the hearts of millions of animal lovers.

When Helen Rich, heiress to the Wrigley chewing-gum fortune, read about the senior Lab’s story, she knew the Labrador belonged in her home. Rich had just lost an elderly Labrador named Granny and thought the poor lost soul might fill the void in her heart.

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From being an unwanted old dog, Lady found herself boarding a private jet headed to 11,000-square-foot mansion in Florida.

Pictures of Lady sitting in her own seat on Rich’s private jet were shared across social media.

“She will never be scared or lonely again,” Rich wrote on her Facebook page when Lady arrived.

Lady lived the high life for a year – happy, comfortable and most importantly, loved.

The bad news came at the beginning of July. Lady’s vets found an aggressive tumor on her adrenal gland and there’s nothing they could do to stop it.

The sweet and loyal Labrador came home from the hospital and on July 13, she spent the last night in her bed.

Friends, please say a prayer for Lady. She is coming home from the hospital to spend a last night in her bed. In the morning she will cross the bridge wrapped in my arms. Thank you.

Posted by Helen Richon Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My bed tonight. We will squeeze out every last moment of love.

Posted by Helen Richon Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The next day, Rich delivered the heartbreaking news.

The long night is over. Lady has her wings. Thank you, friends, for all the love and support.

Posted by Helen Richon Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Enjoy the rainbow bridge, Lady. You inspired us all.