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Labradors Save Woman Who Collapsed In Her Home


Labradors Save Woman Who Collapsed In Her Home1In North Cornwall, two Labradors saved a woman who collapsed in her home last Thursday.

The Labradors, Mazie and Cooke, acted in tandem: Mazie, the yellow Labrador mix made sure she got help, while Cookie, a red fox Labrador, stood guard over his human mom.

Mark Humphreys said about his wife, “Linda didn’t feel well during the night and got up and went downstairs where she collapsed on the sofa. At about 8am she managed to get herself up to let the dogs out into the garden but again collapsed,”

The Labradors knew something was wrong. Mazie went up to the couple’s bedroom and woke Mark up.

The smart dog not only nudged him awake, she also carried his slippers in her mouth and put them on the bed, and then jumped on the bed to make sure he came down to see what had happened to Linda.

“I was still asleep in bed knowing nothing about this when our dog Mazie came up and started nudging me. Then she bought my slippers up and put them on the bed, then she jumped up on the bed which she is never allowed to do and made sure that I was awake,” he said. “I got up and came downstairs where I found my wife lying with our other dog Cookie appearing to be looking after her.”

Mark took Linda to bed and later called an ambulance. Linda’s condition was serious, she had blood poisoning.

“The paramedic who attended was very worried about her condition and was asking about the air ambulance but it was tied up so Linda was taken to Derriford Hospital by land ambulance and treated for blood poisoning,” Mark said.

Now, the Humphreys are very grateful for their Labradors!

“If Mazie hadn’t insisted that I was awake and got up I don’t know what would have happened to Linda lying downstairs, even though she had Cookie looking over her,” Mark said.

Mazieis a rescue dog who is very nervous. She doesn’t like being around other dogs and is scared of people.

“So this was a fantastic thing for her to do,” Mark added.


Image and article source: Cornish Guardian