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Labradors Retrievers As Service Dogs


Labradors are some of the best family pets in the world, but they have more to offer. With their intelligence, quick learning ability and strength, Labrador Retrievers are amazing service dogs. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Labradors are working in the modern world.

Labradors Retrievers As Service DogsAssisting people with disabilities

Labs make great seeing-eye dogs. Becoming a seeing-eye dog takes a tremendous amount of training. The process usually takes about two years.

Besides being a seeing-eye dog, Labradors help disabled people in other ways too. For example, people with balance problems rely on Labs to help them walk. They can also be guides and companions to people in wheelchairs. But the best thing a Lab can give to a disabled person is the feeling of happiness that only Labs can bring.

Labs in the armed forces

Many armed forces around the world use Labrador Retrievers. Their unbelievable sense of smell is perfect for sniffing out explosives, blood and any other dangerous substances. Today, Labs are even used to detect IEDs (improvised explosive devices). In 2010 a Lab named Treo was awarded the Dickin Medal, a medal to honor an animal’s work in war, for saving his owner, Sgt David Heyhoe, from a Taliban trap.

Drug Detection – Labs catching the bad guys

Labradors Retriever’s noses are also perfect for detecting drugs. Police forces, federal agencies, private investigators and flight authorities all use Labradors to sniff out illegal substances.

Labs to the rescue

Dogs play an extremely important role in search and rescue operations. They are most commonly used to find people that have been injured during natural disasters. Once they’ve sniffed out the person’s location, rescue workers are alerted immediately. Labradors are also used to find people that have gone missing or have been abducted.

A world full of Labradors

Isn’t it amazing that a Labrador can fight on the battlefield as well as comfort the elderly? We think so. You might not see it on the surface, but Labradors play a huge role in the modern world. They’ve taken down criminals, helped win wars and made the world a much better place.

” Labs are children covered in fur.” ~ Unknown