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Labrador With A GoPro Around Her Neck Takes Photos Of Her Dog Friends At The Dog Park


Labrador With A GoPro Around Her Neck Takes Photos Of His Dog Friends At The Dog Park (19)Just like children, dogs just love playing with their friends.

In White Bear Lake, Minnesota, a Labrador took photos of his dog friends at the dog park with a GoPro around her neck.

Dog owner Susie Koxmoeller came up with the very cool idea of attaching a GoPro camera around her four-year-old Labrador Tula’s neck during a trip to the park – and the photos are beyond amazing.

Just like all Labradors the chocolate Labrador loves having fun and during her adventure at the park, she bounded around the woods and inadvertently captured her interaction with her doggie friends. She met Border Collies, a German Shepherd, a Dalmatian and mixed breeds dogs all of whom she loved playing with.

The GoPro Hero4 that was mounted on Tula’s harness, takes a shot every half second – meaning an hour-long visit to the park produced more than 7,000 photos of adorable doggies playing with toys, romping around, play fighting and chasing each other.

“I’ve always liked taking photographs of dogs interacting. The process was frustrating, though, because I was never in the right spot at the right time, so I would always miss the perfect moment,” Susie said. “It’s hard to get pictures of dogs in the park, because as soon as you get close they stop interacting. Once Tula has the camera on, she doesn’t notice it at all.”

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Susie and her family adopted Tula from Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Before living her new awesome life with the Kixmoellers, the Labrador was found abandoned on the side of the road in a bird cage.

Now, aside from living an absolutely cool life, Tulsa works as a therapy dog with Susie’s father, Ken, at a local children’s hospital.

Susie hopes that her amazing photography work with Tula will help raise awareness for sanctuary and rescue dogs, as well as therapy dog programs.

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Source: Daily Mail