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Labrador Trapped At The Bottom Of A Well For Nearly A Month Miraculously Survives


Bruno, a Labrador who got trapped inside a well for nearly a month, has miraculously survived.

The 7-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever went missing in mid-September and late last week, poor Bruno was found cold and starving. It is believed that Bruno survived on snow and rainwater.

“His eyes were sunk in, they were infected,” owner Cindy Billesberger told CTV Regina. “He’s lost fur off his back end and was just a mess.”

Labrador Trapped At The Bottom Of A Well For Nearly A Month Miraculously Survives
Cindy Billesberger/CBC

According to Cindy, she remembers seeing the chocolate Lab running and playing with their other retrievers in their farm in Estevan on September 17.

“The dogs, they’re full of energy and they came and followed me,” Cindy’s husband John told CBC . He said he didn’t pay much attention to the dogs. Then at the end of the day, he realized Bruno was nowhere in sight.

“Bruno never came back,” John said adding that he found it very odd. “Bruno likes his food. He always comes for supper.”

The desperate dog owners then searched high and low, and did everything they could to find their dearest buddy. They contacted all the veterinary clinics and humane societies they could call in their area.

Sadly, they still have no clue where Bruno is. And as the temperatures start to dip below zero, Cindy is beginning to lose hope they’d ever find Bruno alive.

After about 27 days, John finally found the Labrador Retriever curled up at the bottom of a 3.2-meter-deep well while he was on a walk with their other dogs, and the whole family immediately jumped into action.

John said that one of his other dogs was lingering in a spot on the neighbor’s property and when he came to look, pushing some tall grass aside, he found Bruno.

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“My son — when he pulled him out — had to pry his two front paws out of the mud,” Cindy said. “They were already starting to get stuck in there as it was dry.”

During that time, the family isn’t sure if Bruno ill survive. He has cuts, bruises and infections all over his body. He was emaciated too. Cindy and her family took Bruno to a vet in Saskatoon.

“(Bruno) beat the odds,” said Kristin Caldwell of the Prairie Animal Health Centre. “Most pets…wouldn’t have survived even half, a third, a quarter of the time that Bruno survived in there.”

Labrador Trapped At The Bottom Of A Well For Nearly A Month Miraculously Survives
The Canadian Press / HO-Western College of Veterinary Medicine

She added that the staff never thought Bruno will survive when he was first brought at the clinic. On October 19, the Labrador was taken to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine as recommended by his first vet. Now, Bruno is back on his feet and is on the road to recovery.

The well Bruno fell into has also been filled to avoid similar accidents.


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