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Labrador Survives Two Gunshot Wounds To The Head! Reward Offered For Culprit!


Labrador Survives Two Gunshot Wounds To The Head (1)In Utah, a chocolate Labrador survived two gunshot wounds to the head!

Last week, an unnamed man found the injured Labrador while hunting for antlers near the foothills in Sanpete County. The dog was “injured and obviously in distress. She had a nasty wound on her head, very unsteady on her feet, and it was clear that she recently had puppies.”

Karma, the Labrador, was in shock. The brave dog made it to the vet where an X-ray determined she had been shot in the head twice.

Fortunately, the bullets didn’t hit any major arteries nor shatter any bones. The bad news is that she may lose her sight in one eye.

At the shelter, the Labrador was “unsteadily facing the wall, would not sit or lie down, had labored breathing, did not respond to voices, and trembled when touched.”

“Karma was rushed into surgery where the vet discovered one bullet had lodged in her skull and was unable to remove it,” said Jamee Wheelwright of Wag-N-Train Dog Rescue. “She will most likely lose all vision in her right eye. The day following surgery, Karma had a violent seizure and her temperature spiked very high. After an hour, the seizure had stopped and her temperature started coming down. Karma is making progress. She can sit up, and seems to be steady. She can even walk a short way.”

Animal rights groups Rescue Rovers Dog Adoptions and Wag-N-Train Dog Rescue are offering a $5,000 cash reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the shooter.

Labrador Survives Two Gunshot Wounds To The Head (2)“This innocent dog did not deserve to be treated like trash and left to die – luckily a passerby found her in time,” said Debbie Welder of Rescue Rovers Dog Adoptions. “We are grateful to Wag-N-Train Rescue and Payson Family Pet Hospital for taking immediate action to save Karma’s life.”

A FundRazr campaign has been launched to help cover the medical expenses for Karma. The campaign has already exceeded their $800 dollar goal and has raised $2,990. For those who want to contribute towards the Labrador’s medical funds, you may send donations until March 12.

Any information about the shooter should be reported to the Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office at 435-835-2191.

Image source: Wag-N-Train Dog Rescue, Inc. /Facebook
Source: Inquisitr