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Labrador Survives Getting Washed Down A Drainage Pipe In South Carolina


In Charleston, South Carolina, a black Labrador survived after getting washed into a drainage pipe.

Brees, a black Labrador Retriever was playing with his owner, Tyler Bates, in their yard. They were having fun in the water on Saturday when the dog wassucked into a nearby drainage pipe.

“She was swimming, started going around and around, and was gone,” Tyler said.

Labrador Survives Getting Washed Down A Drainage Pipe In South CarolinaTyler immediately ran into the house and called his mom, Delynn Morgan, for help.

Delyn and her husband Steve burst out ofthe house and ran to the drain. Steve put his feet inside the drain to see if he could feel their beloved Labrador, but the dog was gone.

The worried family ran to the back of their yard – to the other end of the 200-foot drain – hoping to see Brees come out, butthe Lab was still nowhere in sight.

“We flashed the flash lights here in the water, didn’t see her come out. That’s when we really felt the desperation and the sense of loss kick in,” Steve said.

Brees is a good swimmer and Delyn hoped that if the dog could get to the water she would be fine.

Her biggest worry was that the dog may get stuck in the drain.

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“The drain was totally under water,” she said.

With the help of a neighbor, Steve went to the end of their neighborhood.

And there she was! The Labrador was about 100 yards away hanging onto the side of a bank in the creek.

The survivor Labrador suffered minor cuts around her face and her breathing was labored. The family took her to the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center to be checked.

“Brees is a very lucky dog,” said Dr. David Sachs. “I think the fact that Brees is a really well conditioned and a young Labrador, not overweight, really aided in her ability to come out of this virtually unscathed.”

Now, Brees is recovering in her home and is on antibiotics.

On Monday, the pooch played around the yard and seemed to be doing just fine, the family said.


Source: WSET