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Labrador Rings Christmas Bells To Help People In Need


Christmas is in the air! It’s the season when countless volunteers sing and ring bells in neighborhoods hoping to charm people into donating to their causes.

Last Saturday morning in Nevada, one bell ringer enamored people and got all the attention. The bell ringer’s name is Trace, a Labrador Retriever, and he is no ordinary volunteer.

Trace is a five-year-old rescue dog and a member of the Dog Scouts of America Silver Paws Troop.

Together with his fellow four-legged friends, Grizzly and Brindy, they are helping the Salvation Army to earn their service badge! You just hand them money and they’ll take care of the rest.

“I very seldom give money to anything, but then I saw those guys and my wife said they look neat,” said Gabe Bourbeau, a Gardnerville resident. “I gave her $5 and she picked it up in her mouth and put it in the basket, so I’ll probably give them more before I leave.”

“They’ll talk you out of your money in a heartbeat,” he joked.

Labrador Rings Christmas Bells To Help People In Need (2)“People are being very generous. They’ve come back and donated three and four times and they enjoy seeing the dogs out here,” said Terry Cuyler, Trace’s human.

Trace loves to be around people since he was trained as a therapy dog.

“As a younger dog, he was so excited about it,” she said. “He’d have candy in there that he’d take to nursing homes, but he would wiggle waggle all over the place and send the candy flying.”

Now, Trace is a little more disciplined. He carries a basket full of dollar bills that will help more than 18,000 people in need.

“He really loves all the people,” Cuyler said. “He wanted to go out and be petted. He enjoys getting all the pets and the cookies.”

From 8:45-11:00 on Wednesday mornings, Trace also volunteers with READing Paws at Zephyr Cove.

Trace sure has a golden heart!

Image and article source: KOLO-TV