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Labrador Retrievers Remain America’s Top Dog! That’s 22 Consecutive Years!


The Labrador Retriever is America’s top dog once again! The Lab has now held this honor for 22 consecutive years! The Labrador made a clean sweep in all categories in the AKC’s list of most registered dog breed released last week.

We all know the capacity of dogs to love unconditionally. That’s what makes them the best!

Aside from that, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The variety in looks and character makes it easy for us to choose which ones would adapt well in the lifestyles with live.

The American Kennel Club released their list of most registered dog breeds across the US, by region, and by the gender of the dogs’ owners.


#1 Labrador Retriever

Top Dog 1 LabradorThe Labrador Retriever is the most popular and loved breeds of dog worldwide. The breed was started when dogs from Newfoundland came to England, retrieving nets and fowl in the icy waters of their homeland. Do you own a Lab? Learn more about this awesome breed here.

Nationwide: 1
Northeast: 1
West: 1
Midwest: 1
South: 1
Male: 1 (tied with Husky)
Female: 1


#2 German Shepherd Dog

Top Dog 2 German ShepherdThe German Shepherd Dog is one of the most popular breeds due to both his wonderful personality and versatility in the jobs he performs. Loved as both a family pet and guardian dog, the German Shepherd excels as a herder, police dog, rescue dog and any other job it may have. Learn more about this loyal dog breed here.

Nationwide: 2
Northeast: 3
West: 2
Midwest: 3
South: 2
Male: 3
Female: 2


#3 Golden Retriever

Top Dog 3 Golden RetrieverIn a recent survey, it was suggested that if you own a dog of this breed, you are most likely highly educated. The Golden Retriever is one of the most well-known and popular breeds of dog worldwide. The breed was originally created in the 1800s by crossing Flat Coated Retrievers with the now extinct Tweet Water Spaniels. Read more about them here.

Nationwide: 3
Northeast: 2
West: 4
Midwest: 4
South: 4
Male: 4
Female: 3


#4 Beagle

Top Dog 4 BeagleThis dog breed was bred for hunting purposes. The Beagle is a scent hound and when following the scent will ignore everything else. Obedience training is a must. The Beagle originated as a cross between the Harrier and many different hounds in England. Discover more about this excellent hunter here.

Nationwide: 4
Northeast: 5 (tied with Bulldog)
Midwest: 6
South: 6
Male: 6
Female: 5


#5 Bulldog

Top Dog 5 BulldogDescended from the Asiatic mastiff, the Bulldog was developed in Great Britain. This breed was bred to participate in the blood sport of bull baiting. The dog was also used as a competitor against bears, other vicious carnivores and lions. Read more about this squishy faced pooch here.

Nationwide: 5
Northeast: 5 (tied with Beagle)
Midwest: 8 (tied with Pomerian and Pit Bull)
South: 8 (tied with Dachshund)


#6 Yorkshire Terrier

Top Dog 6 Yorkshire TerrierThe first Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie” was known as Huddersfield Ben, and is thought to be the foundation sire of the breed. He was born in the late 1800s, and came from Yorkshire, hence the breed’s name. Learn more about this silky haired cutie here.

Nationwide: 6
Northeast: 9
Female: 10


#7 Boxer

Top Dog 7 BoxerThis dog breed originated in Germany in the late 19th century. The Boxer’s name is thought to be derived from the “boxing” made with their front paws. This breed is solid, stocky and medium sized with powerful jaws. Learn more about the Boxer here.

Nationwide: 7
West: 8
Midwest: 7
Male: 10


#8 Poodle

Top Dog 8 PoodleThey have been one of the most versatile dogs in history. They were easily able to work as retrievers while still being loyal, stylish and dignified companions. Read more about these curly dogs here.

Nationwide: 8
West: 9
Female: 9


#9 Rottweiler

Top Dog 9 RottweilerThe Rottie defended his spot in the AKC top dog list this year. The dog breed is often seen as the bad dog in movies but on contrary these watchdogs are very loving towards their people. Learn more about the Rottweiler here.

Nationwide: 9


#10 Dachshund

Top Dog 10 DachshundThese short-legged dogs with long bodies remain in the 10th spot this year. Their energetic yet endearing personality and comical look makes them a popular breed. Read more about the weiner dogs here.

Nationwide: 10
South: 8 (tied with Bulldog)